Access from Sendai Airport ◎ 3-days, 2-nights Yamagata package plans for enjoying history and gourmet dining

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Access from Sendai Airport ◎ 3-days, 2-nights Yamagata package plans for enjoying history and gourmet dining

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Yamagata Prefecture is rich in hot springs, historical heritage sites, cultural sightseeing spots, and an abundance of fresh fruit groves — native cherries, also Delaware grapes, melons and peaches make it a veritable “fruits basket”!
It is an area most enjoyable to gourmet enthusiasts for sightseeing!
For travel around all of Tohoku, Sendai Airport is a wonderfully convenient base!
To travel to Yamagata Prefecture, there’s a direct bus from Sendai Airport to Yamagata Station!
Covering the charms of Yamagata, here is an introduction to an ideal model course (package travel plan)

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[Day 1] From Sendai Airport to Yamagata Station, and on to the Yamadera mountain temple — Go!

When you arrive at Yamagata Station, leave your luggage at the hotel or lock it up in a coin locker, and make your way to Yamagata’s most representative sightseeing spot which is very popular among foreign people on SNS, “Yamadera” — Go! 20 minutes by the JR Senzan line.
The official name of the Yamadera temple is Risshakuji, and is a mountain temple of the Tendai sect of (Mahayana) Buddhism, founded by Jikaku Daishi.
Famously visited by (poet) Matsuo Basho, it is a popular photo spot.
It is quite challenging to climb the stone steps, but don’t feel that you should overexert yourself — there are rest areas along the way.
At the summit, you will see the beautiful view, and know that all your efforts have been rewarded!

Yamadera (Risshakuji Mountain Temple)


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Address 4495-15 Yamadera, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture

[Day 2] Arrive at Tendo Station in the AM to appreciate morning hot springs bathing and Japanese culture!

Tendo Station is about 20 minutes away from Yamagata Station.
It is a city with numerous hot springs, famous for the production of shogi pieces and for its “La France” pears.
A shogi city, it is something of a shogi Mecca, and everywhere around the town, one can see shogi motifs and designs.
If you get tired exploring the town on foot, there are 3 locations within the city where you can relax with a free foot bath ♡


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