Lots of photogenic spots ♡2 nights in Akita recommended travel plan from Sendai

Recommended Routes for Sightseeing

Lots of photogenic spots ♡2 nights in Akita recommended travel plan from Sendai

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From the Sendai Airport to Akita, go to the Sendai Station and use Shinkansen or highway bus services.
Akita has many things to experience such as Namahage and Kiritanpo and I am going to introduce recommended 3 day travel plan in Akita to enjoy photogenic spots from beautiful bright blue Lake Tazawa with the golden statue of Tatuko to Kakunodate retaining the streets of the Edo Period!

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[Day 1] A 10-minute walk from the Akita Station! Enjoy walking in the Senshu Park ♩

The Senshu Park is located in castle ruins within a 10-minute walk from the Akita Station.
In its vast site, there are things to see such as the ruins of Kubota Castle which was built by the Satake clan, rulers of the domain of Akita, the Yojiro Inari Shrine with a sad legend and the SATAKE Historical Material Museum.
You can appreciate seasonal changes in the park such as cherry blossoms in spring, lotus flowers in summer, autumn leaves and snowy winter while walking.
Babahera ice cream available from spring to autumn is an Akita local dessert♡ It looks like a flower and very cute.

Yojiro Inari Shrine

Senshu park


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Address 1 Senshu Park, Akita City, Akita

[Day 2] Visit a famous mysterious lake in Akita, Lake Tazawa

Visit a popular sightseeing spot in Akita, Lake Tazawa by train on the Ou Main Line.
The Gozanoishi Shrine with a large red torii gate facing the lake is a spiritual place to pray for matchmaking and beautiful skin.
The statue of Tatsuko who people said prayed for keeping her eternal young beauty and became the lake god, is a famous photo spot in Lake Tazawa.
The bright blue surface of the lake and the golden statue of Tatsuko are magnificent!
Try its local specialty, Miso tanpo at Tatsuko Chaya to fully enjoy Lake Tazawa♡

The statue of Tastuko in Lake Tazawa

The torii gate of Gozanoishi Shrine in Lake Tazawa

Miso tanpo of Tatsuko Chaya

COMOMO editor


COMOMO editor