Want to stay at least once!
3 Selected Luxurious Inns in Miyagi Where You Can Feel the Four Seasons of Japan


Want to stay at least once!
3 Selected Luxurious Inns in Miyagi Where You Can Feel the Four Seasons of Japan

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In Japan, there exists the "four seasons" that cannot be felt anywhere else in the world.
Japan has a characteristic that for every season, we can feel the seasonal and beautiful natural landscapes.
The fresh green sparkling in the gentle breeze in spring, the sun shining brightly in summer, the leaves turning into a beautiful color in autumn, and bathing in the hot springs in snow... All of these have tastes.
Of course, enjoying dishes made from seasonal ingredients is a real pleasure of a trip.
This time, we will introduce inns with a luxurious atmosphere where you can feel the changing seasons with your heart.
Please feel the splendor of the four seasons in Japan.

An inn with a concept that values the joy of eating with their 「comes with 2 meals for a one-night stay」 plan
Auberge Yamabuki

"Auberge" means a restaurant where you can stay the night.Here at "Auberge Yamabuki", it is an inn that proposes eating as the purpose of the trip, as this demand has been increasing in various places.
There are only 10 guest rooms in the site with about 7,600 square meter.
In this special atmosphere, feel the nature the beautiful Zao and the four seasons provide, enjoy their meal and spend a relaxing time unleashing exhaustion from your body and mind in the hot springs.
The concept of Yamabuki is "an inn that comes with 2 meals for a one-night stay".
Most inns offer 2 meals for one stay but Yamabuki is an inn that puts eating as the number one priority, making eating the reason to stay.
The special Japanese course meal uses Zao's blessings and carefully selected ingredients, making their dishes healthy and luxurious!
The bath with milky hot spring water directly supplied from the source has a good reputation for smoothing skin.
This inn is perfect for those who want to enjoy good food and hot springs.

An inn surrounded by water

Auberge Yamabuki

From the guestroom, you can view the changing scenery of the four seasons.


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Address 21-70 Aza Kozumasaka, Togatta Onsen, Zao-machi, Katta-gun, Miyagi
Contact 0224-34-2711

An inn where you can enjoy the different expressions of nature throughout the four seasons
Onsen Sanso Daikon no Hana

Daikon no Hana, an inn where you can enjoy nature's expressions from spring, summer, autumn to winter.
It is a distinctive hotel where you can appreciate a taste of the season such as tasting Japanese sweets while admiring peach blossoms and baking sweet potatoes in a bonfire with autumn leaves.
This is an inn different from the rest where you can enjoy the tastes of the seasons.
The earth sprouting in spring, the refreshing morning mist in summer, the emotional scene of the mountains changing color in autumn and the sensation of feeling the warmth inside the severity of snow and ice in winter.
By directly feeling the changing seasonal expressions of Zao, you may be able to feel peace and the richness of your soul.
The guestrooms that are lined up with enough space in between on a 1,000,000-square meter premise has a cottage-like appearance.
Another characteristic is that there are four kinds of private open-air baths.
How about finding your favorite bath and spending time for yourself?

4 kinds of private baths

Enjoy the landscapes from season to season

Onsen Sanso Daikon no Hana


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Address 21-7 Kitayama, Togatta Onsen, Zao-machi, Katta-gun, Miyagi
Contact 0224-34-1155

Gourmet food, hot springs and architecture. A high-quality inn where you can enjoy these three beaut

It features a garden and Japanese residential architectural style (Sukiya-zukuri) bungalows in the about 26,400 square meter site. 9 Japanese guest rooms out of 10 rooms have an open-air bath.
Colorful and delightful Kaiseki course meal packed with the taste of Tohoku region such as local seafood and vegetables in season is served!
The effect of the hot spring of Akiu Onsen has been known since a long time ago and it is regarded as one of Japan's top 3 hot springs. It will soothe your tired body.

This hot spring is counted as one of Japan's three famous hot springs

The lobby has a high quality and modern atmosphere


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Address 1 Kamatsuchi-higashi, Akiumachi-Yumoto, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi
Access 022- 398-2311
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COMOMO editor