No Mistake if You Buy This!
5 Souvenirs to Buy at Sendai Station


No Mistake if You Buy This!
5 Souvenirs to Buy at Sendai Station

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When you buy souvenirs, don't you want to get something that will make people happy?
This time, we will introduce not only the standard souvenirs but also the now popular sweets and seasonal limited confectionaries.
Here are 5 recommended souvenirs sold at Sendai Station that will be surely loved.

The standard of all standards of Sendai souvenirs!
Kasho Sanzen: Hagi no Tsuki

When it comes to Sendai souvenirs, it is Hagi no Tsuki.
Haven't you received them as souvenirs at least once?
Loved by men and women of young and old, Hagi no Tsuki is a luxurious sponge cake filled with custard cream and has a gentle flavor.
It can be preserved for a while at room temperature so no ice packs are needed when taking it home.
This is nice when you want to reduce baggage during a trip.

Dealers inside Sendai Station
Omiyagedokoro Sendai No. 1, 3, 7

Hagi no Tsuki, 8 pieces for ¥1,600 (incl. tax)

It is filled with original custard cream.

Enjoy the taste of the store as it is at home!
Date no Gyutan: Atsugiri Shintan

Of all beef tongues, the Shintan is the softest section that is thickly sliced.
It is the most popular item of Date no Gyutan.
Enjoy the tender texture unique of beef tongue and the flavorful juices overflowing.
It is of course perfect for family and friends but it is also popular as a souvenir of the trip for yourself.

Dealers inside Sendai Station
Date no Gyutan Honpo, Gyutan-dori store on the 3rd floor of Sendai Station
Date no Gyutan Honpo, S-Pal store on the 1st floor of Sendai Station
Date no Gyutan Honpo, S-Pal restaurant on the basement 1st floor of Sendai Station
Omiyagedokoro Sendai No. 1, 2

Thickly sliced Shintan prepared with salt

The flavorful juices overflowing is its characteristics.

It is not a sweets pudding but a quiche!
Kabo Yamasei: Octopus Pudding

When you hear "octopus pudding", you may think of a sweet but it is actually a luxurious quiche made from carefully selected ingredients and octopus caught in Minamisanriku that was raised eating abalones and sea urchins.
It is useful for various scenes such as an ordinary meal, a side dish for parties at home and snacks to go with beer and wine.
Heating it up in the microwave will make it even more good!

Dealer inside Sendai Station
Food Kingdom Miyagi on the 1st floor of Sendai Station

Octopus pudding filled with lots of ingredients

The rare souvenir only available during winter
Kokonoe Honpo Tamazawa: Shimobashira

Shimobashira that is sold only during winter is candy that melts fast as if you are eating actual ice needles.
When you open the beautiful pale blue lid, the can is filled with rakugan rice powder!
Delicate Shimobashira is hidden inside this powder.
The packaging with a luxurious look is also a souvenir perfect for your superiors.

The sales period is from October to April every year.
Reservations can be made so it is an item you would want to check when you go to Sendai in the winter.

Dealer inside Sendai Station
Kokonoe Honpo Tamazawa, S-Pal store on the basement 1st floor of Sendai Station

Shimobashira packed inside the can full of rakugan powder

The specialty fluffy baked sponge is irresistible
Kasho Eitaro: Soft Dorayaki

The specialty fluffy sponge soaked with honey sandwiches the carefully selected azuki beans from Hokkaido and fresh whip cream!
There are a variety of flavors including the standard azuki, chocolate, rum raisin, seasonal chestnut flavor and more!
It is also recommended to hand out many different flavors in one set!
These will definitely be loved from adults to children!

Dealers inside Sendai Station
Omiyagedokoro Sendai No. 6 Furusato,
basement 1st floor of S-Pal, Sendai Station

The popular standard azuki-flavored soft dorayaki

Sesame seed-flavor soft dorayaki

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COMOMO editor