Good for gift and cute as ornaments♡
Top 4 Cute


Good for gift and cute as ornaments♡
Top 4 Cute "Kokeshi", Japanese Traditional Crafts from Miyagi

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Choosing souvenir for family, friends or co-workers can be hard when you are travelling.
There are various local souvenirs, and what I would definitely like you to put on your souvenir shopping list when you visit to Miyagi Prefecture is Japanese traditional craft "Kokeshi".
Here is a collection of cute, lovely and unique "Kokeshi" goods perfect for souvenirs which are not ordinary basic Kokeshi with round head that you might have seen at least once.
We are sure that you will find your favorite Kokeshi you would like to place in your room for decoration♡

Cute and practical goods with "Kokeshi" motif!
Paper clips♡

These colorful and cute Kokeshi paper clips are original products made by Sasaki Print Co. Ltd, a long-established printing company in Sendai.
They started making them actively in cooperation with local creators after the Great East Japan Earthquake which triggered them to realize their "desire to help recovery in print".
Kokeshi in a match box sized box with designs are super cute!
They can be purchased at bookstores and general stores mainly in Sendai.
As they are often sold out, I recommend you to buy them immediately when you see them!

The matchbox size is cute♡

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Perfect as small gifts for your friends!


Address Sasaki Print Co., Ltd.
2-2-16, Hinode-machi, Miyagino Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Contact 022-236-1281

Packed with palm size Kokeshi!
Bite-sized Baumkuchen!

"Michinoku Kokeshi trip baumkuchen" are sold only in Tohoku and is a sweet with its unique concept of Kokeshi traveling in Michinoku along the map of Tohoku drawn on the package.
When I open the box, cute Kokeshi wearing different kimono with different facial emotions are lined up, which I makes me smiling unexpectedly.What makes these bite-sized baumkuchen special is its high quality dough wrapped with flavorfull vanilla cream.
It is fluffy and soft, and melts in your mouth.
They are individually wrapped and available in 12 or 20 pieces in a box, which are perfect for a gift for your colleagues or a group of friends.
They can be purchased at Sendai Airport.

Michinoku Kokeshi Tabi Baumkuchen


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Address Starfive Co., Ltd.
8-9 Sanezawa-aza Ohaizan, Izumi Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Contact 022-376-1291

Kokeshi peeks out with rich woody scent!
Handmade Kokeshi can

This "Kokeshi can" was desgined by Kokeshino Shimanuki Co., Ltd, which has been handing down culture and technology of the Tohoku region since its establishment in 1892, and has been creating craft products and general goods to represent Tohoku.
When the lid is wide open, woodchips from the the production process, and an adorable small Kokeshi appear.Because each Kokeshi, which are made by traditional Kokeshi craftmen in Miyagi, have different facial expressions and styles as well as there are limited versions, it may be fun to try to collect all kinds of Kokeshi.
Canned Kokeshi which brings you the scent of rich wood, may also make persons who received this surprised, so they would be received as pleasant gifts.

Expression and style of Kokeshi varies by the type.


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Address Kokeshino Shimanuki Co., Ltd.
3-1-17, Ichiban-cho, Aoba Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Contact 022-223-2370

Original Kokeshi with natural sceneries of the suburbs of Sendai
Travel Calendar

Original Kokeshi with a theme "small trips from the everyday life" with images of trips to Sendai City and Sennan, are produced in collaboration of a traditional Yajiro style Kokeshi craftman and a illustrator who sponsor a popular craft shop.
The unique and attractive designs of these Kokeshi were awarded the Good Design Award in 2015♡
These Kokeshi wear motifs of popular sightseeing spots in Miyagi Prefecture including sceneries of Shiraishi City, the Pot in Zao, One Thousand Cherry Bloosams at a Glance in Ogawara and the light pageant in Sendai, and they have some kind of humorous atmosphere which may remind us of the exciting feeling we have when started a trip.

Kokeshi with the theme as small trips from everyday life


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Address Nanairo Inc.
Level 4, The 7th Hirose Bldg., 2-6-35, Honcho, Aoba Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Contact 022-797-6614

How did you enjoy the souvenir Kokeshi with full of cuteness?
They are not only for souvenirs but also suitable for gifts.
If you visit general stores as well as souvenir stores, you may be able to see cute Kokeshi.

COMOMO editor


COMOMO editor