If I go to Sendai, I definitely want to buy one!
The  photogenic breads are a local hot topic.


If I go to Sendai, I definitely want to buy one!
The photogenic breads are a local hot topic.

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byCOMOMO editor

Breakfast; the essential start to a great day.
What will you eat at your destination?
An elegant hotel breakfast?
Or, will you carelessly miss it for lack of time?
Introducing 3 photogenic bread bakeries that I want you to visit if you go to Sendai!
Have some on the go, buy some the day before to eat in your hotel, and, of course, I also recommend you take some home as a gift♡

"It's a watermelon, but it tastes like strawberry." Watermelon bread, a local hot topic!
Bakery & Café Kikuchiya

First batter up in the photogenic bread line up is the extremely impressive sight, Watermelon Bread.
It's a loaf of bread, so before slicing, it's a green square-like shape.
When you slice into the bread, the brilliant red appears. This is a new bread full of entertainment.
What's even more impressive is the amazing strawberry flavor.
In all truth, this could be called strawberry bread.
The seeds are made from chocolate chips, and the outer green portion is colored with shaved ice syrup. It has a low sugar content, so it won't brown easily when baked.
It's so popular that it's sold in a limited number of one loaf per customer.
I recommend you shop early on before it is sold out!
Hikakin, the Japanese You Tuber who is popular globally, gives this 100 points.

Now for the leading role on the table!

Slice it into triangles for a greater watermelon effect!

There is a yellow version as well!


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Address 1-6-1 Yagyu Sendai City, Taihaku Ward Miyagi Prefecture
Access 890m from Minami Sendai Station
Contact 022-302-6587
Business hours 8:00 - 19:00 Café 8:00 - 19:00
Regular holidays Open year-round (except for the year-end and New Year holidays)

New York style with a bagel in one hand! Classy!
Bagel U

Cute, tasty, easy-to-transport bagels are perfect for picnics and outings!
To change the Japanese impression that authentic, New York style bagels are difficult to create, the Bagel U chef works daily and grows closer to the authentic flavor.
It looks chewy, with a doughy bite and a moist texture. By all means, please experience the New York style bagel!
Of course you must enjoy the the Japanese flavors like the "Sendai Zunda Bagel" or the "Cherry Blossom Sticky Rice Cake White Chocolate Bagel". (Some are seasonal.)

There are so many flavors, I can't choose!

They're so photogenic just lined up there!

Stack the bagels vertically and they become art worthy.


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Address 4-8-47 Tomizawa Taihaku Ward Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Access 4 minute walk from Subway Tomizawa Station
Contact 022-265-5605
Business hours 9:00 - 19:00
Regular holidays Monday and 4th Tuesday

Want to buy at the bakery and eat it at the café?
Bakery Iromegane

Bakey Iromegane has many options for stylishly shaped breads.
Sendai's popular bakery"Boulangerie Giraffe's" 2nd store's name is "The Giraffe is Cooler Wearing Glasses".
You can eat the bread from the store at the adjacent "Surume Café". This location is for travellers who want to slowly enjoy delicious bread!
The menu changes from day to day, and this is also something to look forward to.
The most photogenic bread is the "basesball cap shaped melon bread." It is made in collaboration with lifestyle shop "Delicious".

Baseball cap shaped bread

Bread rolls known for being 'too delicious'

The paper bags are very trendy!


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Address 4-34-23 Nitta Sendai City, Miyagino Ward (within clue zemi)
Contact 070-5092-8880
Business hours 10:30 - 18:30 ※Closes when sold out
Regular holidays Sunday, Monday
COMOMO editor


COMOMO editor