You can only buy it here!
A summary of popular Sendai Airport-exclusive souvenirs ♡


You can only buy it here!
A summary of popular Sendai Airport-exclusive souvenirs ♡

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If you are taking the trouble to buy a rare souvenir that can only be bought here, you’ll want it to feel like something special ♡
So, for those passing through Sendai Airport, you will absolutely want to check for the four airport-exclusive souvenirs introduced here!
They make excellent souvenir gifts for other people, of course, but they are also quite nice as rewards for yourself, too♡

“Extraordinary Impact Black Eggs”?!?!
“Date” eggs

“Date egg” sweets are made in the representative shape of the armor of Sendai’s famous warlord, Lord Date Masamune.
Saito confectionary of Iwate makes this “seagull’s egg”.

A refined grainy bean paste wrapped in castella cake and coated in dark chocolate.
Finished off with a crescent moon made of chocolate, these sweets are lovely and cute.
Their distinctive appearance have a great impact, so you can rest assured that if you hand them out as souvenir gifts, they will be happily received without a doubt!
The beans used for the sweets were developed in Miyagi prefecture, a luxury variety known as the "Miyagishirome soybean".
With an elegant sweetness, these souvenirs are easy to eat, and popular with children and adults alike.

Date Eggs, with an appearance of extraordinary impact.

Nostalgic, old-fashioned Western-style beef curry
Sendai Airport curry!

Sendai Airport, in the times of the old terminal building, earned a reputation among its customers for its delicious curry.
Pilots and CAs, of course, but also visitors not taking flights would come especially to the airport to eat it.
After the new terminal building opened, that curry disappeared, and there were many voices clamouring for its revival.
So, the cooking staff has faithfully reproduced it based on a recipe from those days, the one and only “Sendai Airport Curry”.
The spice is well-balanced, neither so sweet or so salty to mask the flavor of the ingredients.
How about a nostalgic, old-fashioned Western-style beef curry souvenir?

Sendai Airport curry

An exquisite balance of moderate spice and sweetness!
Ichinokura Junmai Daiginjo Sake

The Sake brewery located in Matsuyama, Miyagi Prefecture, maker of local wines, and the Ichinomiya sister store of “Hana-no-Kura”, sell a limited-edition Ichinokura sake that can only be purchased at Sendai airport.
Daiginjo’s delicate fragrance and deep, mellow flavor is something you can really enjoy.
They also sell other sake only available in Miyagi Prefecture, so it’s perfect for souvenirs for those who love to drink!
Please make sure to visit the warehouse!

Sendai Airport-exclusive Ichinokura Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Zunda chocolate’s crunchy texture is really charming!
Sendai Zunda Crunch

Crispy, crunchy chocolate and zunda are extraordinarily compatible!
Of course they can be eaten as-is, but they are also superb when chilled in the refrigerator♡
Because they’re individually wrapped in subdivided packaging, it makes giving them as souvenir gifts easy, a nice plus point.
How about a souvenir gift for those who love sweets? ♡

Sendai Zunda Crunch

COMOMO editor


COMOMO editor