Just like sweets♡
Cute soaps made with materials from Miyagi Sanriku Soap Studio KURIYA


Just like sweets♡
Cute soaps made with materials from Miyagi Sanriku Soap Studio KURIYA

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These cutely arranged cubes are actually soaps!
They are very popular among women because of their beauty looks just like sweets!
These soaps are sold at Sanriku Soap Studio KURIYA, which also have soap making workshops!
We will introduce about the soaps of Sanriku Soap Studio KURIYA.

What is Sanriku Soap Studio KURIYA?

Onagawa-cho becomes lively again after going through the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Onagawa Station is located in a port town about 2 hours from Sendai.
There is "Hama Terrace", a facility to promote their products to tourists.
"Sanriku Soap Studio KURIYA" is the most fashionable soap shop in the Hama Terrace, and we will introduce you this shop.
It is a new shop which was moved here in January, 2017.

The interior of the shop is like an open kitchen, and the aroma of soaps and aromatic oil in the shop make us happy♡
Soaps of Sanriku Soap Studio KURIYA are not only look cute, but are made using natural materials from the sea and mountains in Sanriku, such as wakame seaweed, silk, Angelica acutiloba (an umbellifer plant called as angel's herb and used for herbal medicine).

Cube shaped soaps are cute♡

Just like sweets♡ Recommended small soaps

Small soaps are very popular for souvenirs and wedding gifts for guests at ceremonies.
There are 12 standard types of soaps and they are all good! We will introduce 4 types we especially recommend.

* Silk
Floral lavender based aroma.
Lavender is called the queen of herb and has relaxing effect♡
Silk used here is from South Sanriku where silkworm factories are still operated.
This pink and white cute appearance makes you want to purchase some for yourself!

* Mugwort
Tea tree based aroma.
Mugwort is famous for mugwort rice cakes and mugwort sauna, but it is actually an all-round herb.
Please experience the heal by natural green field aroma♡

* Carrot
Fresh scent of citronella based aroma.
Carrot is the king of green and yellow vegetables.
Aroma of citrus family gives neutral impression for everyone, and it is actually effective as insect repellent aroma.

* Bamboo charcoal
Refreshing peppermint based aroma.
Its refresing and cool aroma and chic marble pattern is also popular among men.
This is recommend as a souvenir for your boyfriend♡

Its colorful look and aroma makes our daily life happier.
Try to find your favorite!
There are also limited products, so please check them as well.

Sanriku Soap Studio KURIYA Small soaps

They are so beautiful and you would be charmed just by looking at them♡

Let's make a soap by hand at their workshops♡

At Sanriku Soap Studio KURIYA, there are workshops you can make an original soap using materials from Miyagi Prefecture.
You can make a soap in group to make a memory of your trip.

Material can be choosen from 3 types, "wakame seaweed", bamboo charcoal" or "honey".
Soap can be made in about 1 hour!
You can bring it back home on the same day.

Reservation for a workshop can be made minimum of 3 people.
For further information, please visit the website of Sanriku Soap Studio KURIYA.

Sanriku Soap Studio KURIYA Workshops


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Address Seapal-Pear Onagawa 8, 1-34 Onagawa-hama Ohara, Onagawa-cho, Oshika-gun, Miyagi Prefecture.
Contact 0225-25-7191
Business hours 10:00 to 17:00
Regular holidays Wednesdays
COMOMO editor


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