Be Sure to Buy These When You're in Aomori! 5 Recommended Souvenirs that will be Loved as Presents


Be Sure to Buy These When You're in Aomori! 5 Recommended Souvenirs that will be Loved as Presents

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When you visit Aomori, it can be difficult to choose souvenirs.
From the standard snacks that last several days, popular souvenirs to fashionable items women love.
We have picked up recommended souvenirs of Aomori!
We hope these will be useful in choosing souvenirs for the workplace, to share, for your boyfriend or girlfriend and for families!

Goldfish lanterns at Nebuta Festivals made into sweets!
Goldfish Nebuta

Tsugaru Ame Honpo's Goldfish Nebuta is a bite-size apple-flavored sweet bean jelly.
You will be surprised at the goldfishes lined up when you open the box!
Since it has a strong visual impact, it will surely be delighted as a souvenir!
Each are individually wrapped so it can be handed out to people one by one.
Can even be stored at room temperature!

Cute goldfish motif!


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Address 5-1-20 Hon-cho, Aomori-shi, Aomori
Contact 017-734-1834

Its cuteness will warm you up! Apple-shaped crisp monaka

Kahoujyu is a cute Japanese sweet made by a well-established Japanese confectionary shop in Aomori, NIKAIDO.
The outer monaka (mochi wafer) shaped like an apple and the sweet bean filling are individually wrapped.
By sandwiching them before you eat, you can enjoy the crispy texture of the monaka.
The harmony of NIKAIDO's special sweet and sour bean paste go well together with the monaka!
The apple-shaped round form is cute and you will surely be satisfied both by its taste and appearance.



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Address Kyuzeimusho-dori, 1-6-11 Hon-cho, Aomori-shi
Contact 017-776-5863
Business hours 10:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Regular holidays Open every day

Rice cracker loaded with lots of nuts!
Oyama Senbei's Tsugaru Senbei

Oyama Senbei is the creator of the original Tsugaru teyaki (hand grilled) rice crackers.
Craftsmen carefully grill each rice cracker one by one.
While maintaining the texture of traditional rice crackers, you can enjoy the texture of nuts such as peanuts and almonds.
The nuts go well with rice crackers.
It is a snack that looks like a cookie and is different from anything else!

They also hold demonstrations inside the store so check it out.
They have stores at JR Aomori Station, JR Shin-Aomori Station, JR Hachinohe Station, etc.

Tsugaru senbei loaded with nuts


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Address 5-3 Ouramachi, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori
Contact 0172-36-8088
Business hours 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Regular holidays Open every day

A truly "apple" pie!
Ragueneau's Kininaru Ringo

Kininaru Ringo is an apple pie that has an Aomori specialty, Fuji apple soaked in syrup and wrapped in pie crust and baked.
This apple pie that has one big whole apple also has a visual impact!
The pie crust is not overly sweet and goes excellent with the moist, sweet apple.

You can find this quite easily at Aomori Airport, Shin-Aomori Station, souvenir shops in Aomori Prefecture and supermarkets.

Kininaru Ringo

Traditional handicraft that looks modern and stylish
Tsugaru Nuri (Tsugaru Lacquerware)

Tsugaru lacquerware is a traditional handicraft produced mainly in Hirosaki City in Aomori Prefecture.
The complex, speckled pattern has a modern and luxurious look.

Chopsticks are recommended for souvenirs!
It is famous for lasting for a long time as the tip is hard to break and doesn't chip off.

The souvenir that is recently catching attention is Tsugaru coated origami.
It is very popular as a gift to families with children and women use this as a chopstick rest.
It can be used as a table setting for parties at home on during New Year's or Japanese-style parties and is very convenient!

Tsugaru Lacquerware Ishioka Handicraft Stylish Chopsticks

Tsugaru Lacquerware Ishioka Handicraft Origami for Adults, Aomori Traditional Handicraft Pattern "Togidashi Kawari Nuri"


Contact Aomori Prefecture Lacquerware Cooperative Association

Access to Aomori Prefecture to Miyagi Prefecture

Below are the recommended transportation methods to go to Aomori Prefecture from Miyagi Prefecture.

Shinkansen: Tohoku and Hokkaido Shinkansen from Sendai Station to Shin-Aomori Station (Approx. 2 hours and 25 minutes)
By bus: Highway bus from Sendai Station to Aomori Station (Approx. 4 hours and 50 minutes)
By car: Through Tohoku Expressway (Approx. 4 hours and 20 minutes)

COMOMO editor


COMOMO editor