Best ryokans in Yamagata Prefecture which couples must check♡ to stay for special occasions!


Best ryokans in Yamagata Prefecture which couples must check♡ to stay for special occasions!

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Treat yourself sometimes to celebrate your anniversary with your loved one♡
Here are luxurious accommodations ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle and have a relaxing time.
All ryokans we introduce here ensure luxurious experiences such as tasting foodie destination Yamagata’s local cuisine, staying elegant rooms and having hot spring baths with a long history!
Make your anniversary to celebrate with your loved one more special♡

Enjoy Yonezawa beef kaiseki meal! Special ryokan receiving only couples♡
Tokinoyado Sumire

"Tokinoyado Sumire" is located in Yonezana, Yamagata Prefecture.
All the rooms allow only 2 persons to stay. Therefore you cannot use a room alone or share with friends.
This is a place for any couples from married couple, unmarried couple, friends to parent and child to spend their special time.
Only 10 guest rooms are available.
There is no TV in the guest rooms for a relaxing stay in an elegant and calm atmosphere.

Original kaiseki meal prepared with premium Yonezawa beef is served for dinner.
All dishes are homemade using fresh local ingredients.
You can choose your favourite main dish from among Yonezawa beef steak, sukiyaki hot pot and shabu-shabu♡

Have a relaxing and memorable stay in a resort space for only two of you secluded from everyday life♡

Luxurious foods prepared with Yonezawa beef from steak to sushi

Fantastic accommodations for grownups to appreciate a calm landscape

Luxurious rooms equipped with quality sofas and beds


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Address 12703-4 Sekine, Yonezawa City, Yamagata
Access A 15-minute drive from JR Yonezawa Station. About one-hour drive from Fukushima Iizaka IC.
Contact 0238-35-2234

Tasteful Sukiya-zukuri style ryokan♡

"Tendoso" is a ryokan located in Tendo City which is famous for producing the pieces of Shogi game.

Luxurious Sukiya-zukuri style one-story building offers extraordinary experiences for guests.
The annex, "Rijinkyo" and "Azumatei" are one of the best accommodations in the Tohoku region and particularly popular.
The rooms where we can enjoy the open-air bath while appreciating the views are exceptional♡
Those rooms are so popular. Make a reservation as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment.

The garden cafe in the premises is also a space decorated with local specialty selections such as Tendo Mokko’s products.
In the cafe, you can enjoy foods prepared with Yamagata local ingredients for lunch.

Sukiya-zukuri style one-story building "Tendoso" looks graceful

Popular annex, "Rinjikyo". Some guest rooms have an open-air bath.

You will definitely be impressed by the kaiseki meals prepared with fresh Yamagata local ingredients in season according to the solar term.


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Address 2-2-18 Kamata, Tendo City, Yamagata
Access A 20-minute walk or a 5-minute taxi ride from JR Tendo Station
Contact 023-653-2033

Long-established ryokan representing Yamagata’s traditional beauty and charms
Takamiya Ryokan Miyamaso

"Takamiya Ryokan Miyamaso" located in Zao Onsen was established 300 years ago.
As it is boasting of its long history, it is an authentic Japanese ryokan with traditional beauty and charms.

The ryokan prides in 9 different baths including “Choju no yu” signature bath of Takamiya and “Seseragi no yu” where you can enjoy a relaxing bath while listing to the sound of a stream.

In addition, the ryokan serves healthy Japanese course meals. Everything is prepared for a relaxing stay.
It is a premium ryokan perfect for those who seek for a special journey♡

Beautifully decorated Japanese course meal cooked with a variety of ingredients harvested from a mountain

Soothe your body and soul with the Zao Onsen hot spring water directly supplied from the source.


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Address 54 Zao Onsen, Yamagata-City, Yamagata
Contact 023-694-9333
COMOMO editor


COMOMO editor