Enjoy travelling with your pet! Top 3 hotels in Miyagi allowing you to stay with your pet


Enjoy travelling with your pet! Top 3 hotels in Miyagi allowing you to stay with your pet

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"I want to go travelling but I cannot leave my pet behind!" Perhaps many people think the same.
Here are three hotels in Miyagi Prefecture where you can stay with your pet.
All the three have a good reputation for a comfortable stay with pets. So a wonderful travel with pet is promised♡

Some rooms and hot spring baths allow you to stay with your pet!!
Bisyoku to Onsen Yado Lovely

"Bisyoku to Onsen Yado Lovely" is located in Togatta Onsen near Miyagi Zao Eboshi ski resort.
There are guest rooms, dining room and a dedicated hot spring bath to share with your pet!
Your dog will be happy with being washed in the same bath room with you and both of you will be satisfied!

Another highlight of the stay is the meals. Chef’s original healthy dishes are mainly served.
Healthy Chinese cuisine with plenty of ginger cooked by the owner chef is very popular and many guests come back here again♡
Health Chinese tea is also served to the guests for free!

You can easily spot the cute pink building.

Bisyoku to Onsen Yado Lovely


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Address 168-82 Uenohara, Togattaonsen-aza, Zaomachi, Katta County, Miyagi
Contact 0224-34-3110

Stay in Matsushima with your loved dog♡ pet friendly rooms are available!
Matsushima Century Hotel

"Matsushima Century Hotel" has a panoramic view of the Matsushima Bay, one of Japan's three most scenic places.

It is a luxurious hotel where you can enjoy silky-smooth natural hot spring bath, "Kinuhada no Yu", gorgeous meals and aroma treatment.

This hotel offers "room sharing with pet stay package" and pet friendly rooms, “Wonder Room” are available.
Dedicated pet cage is also equipped and you can stay in the hotel with your pet without worries.

One of their advantages is a wide variety of choices for dinner such as Shunsai Japanese course meal, freshly cooked steak at the open kitchen, Sendai specialty beef tongue and freshly fried tempura.

You can enjoy thoroughly each taste of fresh local ingredients♡

"Matsushima Century Hotel" is a luxurious hotel overlooking the Matsushima Bay

Worry-free pet friendly room equipped with a dedicated pet cage

You can take time and enjoy gorgeous foods.


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Address 8 Senzui, Matsushima-aza, Matsushimacho, Miyagi County, Miyagi
Contact 022-354-4111

Have a relaxing time with your pet in a tasteful guest room♡
Kamasaki Onsen Nigoriyunoyado Yumori Kimuraya

"Kamasaki Onsen Nigoriyunoyado Yumori Kimuraya" located in Shiroishi City at the foot of the Zao Mountain Range is a prestigious hot spring ryokan with a 400 year history.

This hot spring has been well-known as "Okunoyu medical bath" good for any diseases among hot spring enthusiasts since ancient times.

If you apply in advance for the pet plan (only for small and middle size dog or cat with cage), you can stay in a guest room with your pet.

The tasteful traditional Japanese rooms will make your travel delightful.
All the guest rooms have a view of Zao changing by seasons.

The ryokan's beautiful cat will welcome guests.

The hot spring water directly supplied from the historic source makes hot spring enthusiasts excited


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Address 1-51 Kamasaki, Fukuokakuramoto-aza, Shiroishi City, Miyagi
Contact 0224-26-2161
COMOMO editor


COMOMO editor